Inbeetween walls

Proposal for Rural School in Haiti Competition


in collaboration with Ivica Keršic and Ivo Brozina 

september 2019

New rural school for a TE NWA community comes from a dual idea which respond to the vast landscape surrounding the location. Solid rectangular structure of the school impose itself as a new focal point in the scenery. But at the same time it presents itself as an spacial experience with its fragmentation and linearity that opens, connects and immerses the school within the landscape.


The linearity of this education temple is translated through longitudinal parallel corridors, which serve as places of interaction, gatherings and socialising not only to the students but also to the local community. Those are spaces that open up for new functions and new users and therefore make new ways of being. 


As the tropical climate conditions are very important they have influenced the orientation, building physics and construction materials. The corridors are elongated in east west orientation and hence are in direction of the prevailing breeze of Haiti. While at the same time are leaving no thermal mass under hot sun and preventing daytime overheating. Moreover, the real thermal mass is made of school walls. Those walls are creating perforated spaces in-between. In fact, the walls are not presenting obstacles, rather representing the public dimension of the school where they become interactive.  As a result, a new social character is given, but at the same time extremely effective for its function.


Roofs are operating as two separate objects, but there is a possibility to connect them in future with the same system as it is already in place 


Sanitaries are divided from the main structure since they function as compost toilets and are providing the basics for planting and agriculture on the site.