Bubble Home

Competition proposal for Home Competition 2019

in collaboration with Liliana Franco Teixeira and  João Carlos Alves /

atelier ponto e vírgula 


Nowadays, mutability is increasing quickly in everyday life, leading the dwellings to face new dynamics that require the need of economy, flexibility, mobility, and transformation. The young population is moving fast and the cities centres struggles to keep up with strategies to combat the increase of housing prices. The city’s population often shift as a new trend appears. In addition, the global warming may soon cause big transformations in the spaces we live in, especially in the major cities close to coastlines.

Bubble home presents itself as an alternative of a mobile home, with two boxes that contains our basics needs that can be easily moved by different means of transportation from one place to another. It can be installed in a camping place, a garden, a square or inside of an existing building. The insufflation of a bubble space multiplies the space available of the dwelling depending on the needs of each one and the available space.


The bubble home was design to float, answering the need of rapid adaptability to emergency situations, allowing everyone to move their vital and private space to someplace safe.