Promenade réinventée

Zagreb without limits 

Diploma project, 2017

ENSA Strasbourg

l'architecture et complexité

 mentor prof. Dominique Coulon

La Promenade réinventée is representing an urban development on the border between the Zagreb city center and south neighbourhoods. Souther neighbourhoods never really had an organised urban development and have been "cuted off" in space by the position and construction of the train lines in the beginning of 19th century.


This new and generous organisation of spaces proposes multipule public and private programes that are all conected with a 200 meters long elevated path. Boardwalk symbolically bridges the railway tracks, a famous rupture of public space and further development and for the first time puts pedestrians, cyclists and other users over the automobile and railway traffic. Project creates new major public spaces, and connections that are adapted to the various activities but mostly for artistic and recreational uses. 


It is a project that reconnects the city center with it southern parts and crates a manifesto for those "abandoned" areas, whereas it encourage further development and action in the area. 


New bus station position itself at the end of this promenade and it represents the main programme of this project. The Bus terminals establish new adjoined public functions such as sport centar, cinemas, offices and hotels. 


The towers punctuating the promenade redefine the skyline and are deleting the limit North / South which long stigmatized the inhabitants of the southern districts. Located on one of the few entrances to the city center, the project radiates in all directions and acts as a point of attraction for both tourists and locals.